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We love what we do and it shows. hi road offers a variety of art and animation styles and we customize each job to what our clients need.

"Hi road productions is always available when needed, quick to respond and always proactive in their communication. When it came to executing the original vision they are spot-on."

Melissa Taylor


"Hi road productions was an excellent partner for this project, we had quite a few very tight deadlines and tricky asks and they always delivered!"

Catherine Cooney


"Hi Road Productions is a 10 out of 10 – they are cost efficient and the quality is always to the highest level. Hi road didn’t just execute the artwork but also managed the process – we were under tight deadlines and had a lot of work to review. They’re pleasant, accommodating and the work is always beyond expectation."

Marketing Executive

Financial Services Company

"Hi Road Productions is great!  Very flexible and adaptive to the client’s needs. They asked all the right questions since the beginning, and had a lot of insights and advise on how to transmit the idea."

Rafael Sanchez


"I had nothing but a positive experience. Hi road's ability to be flexible, available, responsive, and "go with the flow" really sets them apart.  So easy to work with. keep up the good work, don't change 🙂 "

Carlos Torres


"I had a very tight budget and quick turnaround delivery before going into testing. I had ample amounts of illustrators to choose from and they hit the budget on the mark.  I also appreciated the flexibility with add-ons and version changes."

Jerry Izzo


“When it came to animatics they were definitely able to take our direction and take creative freedom to bring a little extra to these that definitely impressed my creatives. One of my creatives said 'They just get it!'"

Alexa Baggit


“Like their efforts, communication with hi road folks is above and beyond, no matter the hour or issue. It felt like they had someone in every time zone!”

Logan Smith


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